Numerous day trips in Carinthia

In addition to hiking and biking there is so much to discover. Here is an overview of the great, extraordinary, adventurous and unique places to visit in Carinthia, Austria's southernmost region with a Mediterranean flair.

  • Wörthersee boat trip
  • Minimundus
  • Pyramidenkogel
  • Fortress Hochosterwitz
  • Affenberg adventure
  • Obir caves
  • Reptile zoo Happ
  • Rosegg zoo, catsle & labyrinth 

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The opening of the new, almost 100m high lookout tower took place in June 2013. It is the world's highest wooden observation tower made of highly resistant, elliptically arranged timber spiraling into the sky. It is a truly impressive monument. Gusts can enjoy 360 ° panoramic views from the viewing platforms of the tower. These can of course also be reached by a panoramic elevator.

Minimundus - the small world at lake Wörthersee

Around the world in one day! You can do it at Minimundus. Around 140 of the most beautiful models of buildings, ships and trains from around the world have been rebuilt right here. From the Taj Mahal it is just a hop to the Eiffel Tower, and the Great Wall is only a few steps away from Saint Peters Basilica

Carinthia´s most beuatiful vantage point
Höhe 62, 9074 Keutschach
Tel.: +43-4273-2443

Villacher Straße 241, 9020 Klagenfurt
Tel.: +43-4632-1194-0

Rosegg Zoo, ​​Castle & labyrinth

Experience an unforgettable day amidst nature, animals, culture and more at only 5 minutes from Velden. Every year 80.000 people come to visit the largest zoo in Carinthia in a very historic setting. The zoo is home to about 400 animals and over 35 species. It is surrounded by the Rosegg ruins and wall built 1830 by counterfeiter Ritter von Bohr. Since 1831 the Rosegg Castle has been owned by the Liechtenstein family. Austria's first puppet show with lifelike characters can be visited here! The castle also hosts painting exhibitions of contemporary artists, summer events, concerts and theater performances, as well as a small castle cafe also located here. In July 2001 a labyrinth was opened between the castle and the zoo. Over 3000 hornbeams on an area of ​​2.400 square meters form a hedge of one kilometer in length. A tower in the center of the labyrinth serves as a landmark for orientation. Next to the garden labyrinth you will also find a corn field in an area of ​​1.3 hectares.

Hochosterwitz fortress

... A symbol of Carinthia and one of the most famous castles in Austria, Hochosterwitz is an important cultural monument in Europe. Thanks to its 14 different gates, the castle could never be conquered.  Hochosterwitz features quite a unique architecture. The castle´s museum with an armory and ancestor galerie, the castle church and the castle restaurant with banqueting halls can be reached by walking up or in two minutes by funicular. The first mention of it was made in the year 860. It was very rare at the time to have such a secure pathway to the castle and also such an unusual architecture. An old certificate lists the name of each gate. Amazingly enough, since its construction, no significant structural changes have been made.

Rosegg castle and zoo
Schloss Rosegg 1, 9232 Rosegg
Tel.: +43-4274-3009
Tickets: +43-4274-5235-7

Hochosterwitz Fortress
Hochosterwitz, 9314 Launsdorf
Tel. management: +43-4213-2020 or 2507
Tel. fortress: +43-4213-2010

Happ reptile zoo

Experience the fascinating world of crocodiles, turtles and snakes. Get rid of your prejudices and learn about reptiles being an important part of our nature. On 3.300 m² visitors will find more than 1.000 animals from various regions of the world: mambas, cobras, rattlesnakes, lizards, iguanas, giant tortoises, native snakes in large outdoor enclosures and a dinosaur garden. The rattlesnakes are fed every Sunday in the outdoor enclosure. Learn and have fun! More info about the zoo´s breeding programs and the various species of snakes can be found on the website of the reptile zoo Happ in Klagenfurt.

Obir Caves - Austria's most fascinating natural wonders

The fascination of the Obir is the incomparable mix of nature and man, from the symbiosis of 200 million years of history and modern technology. The caves were discovered in 1870, when miners were looking for lead and zinc. At that time they were only interested in finding natural underground passages to advance more quickly in the mountain. You will experience both mining and natural caves in one, unique, living stalactites, lighting, sound and video installations and the Obir caves Express: Free transfer from Velden, Pörtschach, Krumpendorf and Klagenfurt / Minimundus to Bad Eisenkappel and back!

Reptile zoo Happ
Villacherstraße 237, 9020 Klagenfurt
Tel.: +43-4632-3425

Obir caves
A-9135 Bad Eisenkappel, Hauptplatz 7
Tel.: +43-4238-8239

Adventure Affenberg (Monkey mountain) in Landskron

Unique in the world: Floating Japanese macaques in the wild! You will learn a lot on this tour. 131 monkeys will make it clear how lovely it is to live in freedom. Whether ranking, rearing babies, floating or even diving monkeys, Affenberg means watching without a cage or glass panels in between.

Wörthersee ship ride

Come aboard - four modern passenger ships will take you on exciting trips across the lake! Flagship is the Thalia, one of the last European screw steamers. Also on the MS Kärnten, MS Klagenfurt and MS Wiesbaden you will experience some fun hours in "high seas". Welcome aboard!

Affenberg adventure
Schlossbergweg 18, 9523 Landskron
Summer: Tel.: +43-4242-4303-75

Wörthersee boat rides 
Friedelstrand 3, 9020 Klagenfurt
Tel.: +43-4632-1155